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  • Full Customization

    Online wedding invitations have the advantage of being fully customizable, so they can best represent your love story. You write the message, choose the photos, fonts, and colors, and you decide how to frame everything in the final version. As long as it's from the heart, it's impossible for something beautiful not to come out.

  • Instant Confirmation

    Along with the invitation, each person also receives a form. They need to fill it out and respond with a 'Yes' or 'No' whether they can attend the event. You automatically receive their response via email. What's more, you also have access to guest responses in the app. In the 'Participants' section, you can see exactly who accepted and who declined your invitation.

  • Real-Time Updates

    Don't worry if you forgot to mention important information or realized that something doesn't look quite right after you've already sent them out. With Attendi, you can modify the online wedding invitation, and those attending the event will see the update in real time.

  • Web and Mobile Access

    Whether you choose to create your invitations on the web or on your phone, the end result will look the same, and you'll be able to access them just as easily in both situations. The Attendi platform is optimized so that the design of the online wedding invitation remains unchanged.

  • Easy Sharing

    Creating an online wedding invitation makes sending it extremely easy. Much easier than doing it in physical format. After finalizing the details on Attendi, you get a link at the end. You need to copy that and share it with everyone you want to attend your event. You can send it via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social network.


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Display Essential Information Clearly

Key elements like the date, time, and location are vital for any event, and online wedding invitations are no different. Make sure to prominently feature the date and time, and provide the precise address to prevent them from being overlooked.

Express Your Creativity and Create Unique Invitations

Personalized online wedding invitations provide you the opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Attendi offers a diverse range of themes to choose from, so take your time experimenting with various versions that incorporate text and images. Select the one that resonates with both of you the most.

online unique wedding invitation
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Save Time and Money Effortlessly

The expenses of organizing a wedding can add up quickly. Creating online wedding invitations presents a method for you to save both money and time that would otherwise be spent on searching for and hiring professionals. Beyond this, we assure you that the sense of satisfaction will be significantly greater when you manage your own invitations. After all, who understands you better than yourselves?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the model of the online wedding invitation?

Absolutely. One of the main advantages of online wedding invitations is their easy modifiability. All you need to do is create a new event, use the desired template, and transfer the information from your initial invitation (message, photos, colors). Note that this information doesn't transfer automatically. If your subscription allows you to have only one active invitation, deactivate the previous invitation first (the one you no longer intend to use), and then activate the new one.

How do I send the invitation?

To send the wedding invitations created with Attendi, you first need to make them public. Then, you need to copy the associated link and share it with the people you want at your event. You can do this through text messages, on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, via email, or on any social media platform.

Can I create multiple invitations on Attendi?

Certainly. Regardless of your subscription on Attendi, you can create as many online wedding invitations as you'd like. The only limitation is the number of active/public invitations at a given time, but not the number of invitations created.

  • Complete Customization

  • Easy Sharing

  • Instant Confirmations

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