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Baptism is an event that comes with a lot of emotions. Create unforgettable memories from the very beginning and choose to make the baptism invitations yourself, online.

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  • Customization to Your Liking

    The greatest advantage of digital baptism invitations is their complete customization based on your preferences. Whether you're a parent, sibling, godparent, or a family friend, Attendi provides you with all the necessary tools to create an invitation that best suits the special occasion and the baby who will be the center of attention. Choose the template, add your message, modify the font and its size, insert images, and frame everything to represent the event as accurately as possible.

  • Swift Confirmation

    It has never been easier to know how many people will be attending your event. With the digital baptism invitation, your guests receive a form asking them to confirm their attendance. In case of an affirmative response, they can specify if they'll be accompanied by others. This way, you'll know exactly how many guests to expect at the baptism you're planning.

  • Enhanced Flexibility

    When creating digital baptism invitations with Attendi, changing your mind is perfectly fine. Because you can choose from various templates, there's a chance you might want to modify certain elements even after you thought you had the final version. The platform allows you to edit the text, images, and layout even after sending it out. Your loved ones will have access to the updated information as soon as you save the changes.

  • Secure Sharing

    If you choose to create digital baptism invitations with Attendi, you can send them to everyone you want to have by your side on the big day with just a few clicks. After finalizing all the details, you receive a URL, which you can start distributing in any form you prefer: as a text message, on WhatsApp, via email, and even on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. They'll certainly reach their recipients in the blink of an eye.

  • Easy Access from Any Device

    Baptism invitations created with Attendi maintain their format intact, whether accessed from a phone, tablet, or laptop. The design, message, and other elements will remain unchanged—for both you and those opening them. The platform is optimized to enable smooth invitation management regardless of the device you're using.


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Save Time and Money

Say goodbye to physical printing and opt for digital baptism invitations. They save you a lot of time spent searching for companies that handle event invitations, running around to prepare and print invitations, and then distribute them. In addition to the time saved, you also save money, so choose to create your own design and make something unique for a unique event.

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Opting for online baptism invitations is an eco-friendly choice as it reduces the consumption of paper and other physical resources required for traditional printed versions. Of course, if you know that for some people you want to have at the event, receiving a physical invitation matters, you can print the one created with Attendi.

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Easy Guest List Management

Online baptism invitations provide you with the ability to easily track responses from those you want to have at your event. You receive instant confirmation or rejection of the invitation via email, allowing you to plan your event without being taken by surprise. Moreover, in the 'Participants' section of the Attendi app, you have access to the responses of all invited individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I modify an online baptism invitation?

Yes, with Attendi, you can modify the text and images of a digital baptism invitation, but you can also completely change the design by creating a new event. It's important to add the information from the original invitation. The message, photos, and other elements will not automatically transfer to the new template selected. And if you have the 'Personal' subscription, you need to deactivate the original invitation first before activating the new one.

Can I create multiple invitations on Attendi?

Yes, you can create multiple online baptism invitations on Attendi. However, the number of public invitations you can have simultaneously varies depending on the chosen subscription. A public invitation means you can share the link generated by Attendi with others. The 'Personal' subscription allows you to have one active invitation, while the 'Premium' option allows you to have up to 3 active invitations at the same time.

What does the confirmation form entail?

The confirmation form comes with every digital baptism invitation created with Attendi. It allows you to track confirmations of attendance at your event, manage invitations, and plan the baptism accordingly. The confirmation form can be customized by adding or removing questions based on your needs.

  • Complete Customization

  • Easy Sharing

  • Instant Confirmations

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