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Create your own party invitations online and get your guests excited about what's in store!

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  • Customize them as you like

    With Attendi, online party invitations will look different for each new event. This is because the platform offers you a variety of templates to choose from, so you can personalize your invitations according to your preferences. Consider the party theme and choose the design, font, and size. Then add images and a message, and you're ready to send them!

  • Get instant responses

    Your friends will receive a form along with the invitation. You can customize it as you like, but in essence, it's meant to find out whether the invited person will attend the event or not. You can also ask if they'll bring a plus-one, if they have any dietary restrictions, drink preferences, etc. After they fill out the form, you'll automatically receive their response via email. You can also access guests' confirmations in the Attendi app under the 'Participants' section.

  • Consistent design on web and mobile

    Party invitations created with Attendi look exactly the same whether accessed from a mobile device or a computer. So you don't have to worry about whether your friends will open them on a phone, laptop, or tablet, as the design will remain consistent and unchanged.

  • Send them with just a few clicks

    Once you've created the invitation and are satisfied with the result, all that's left is to send them to your friends. Copy the link provided at the end and distribute it through any channel: text message, email, social media.

  • Keep your guests updated if changes occur

    If you need to change the address, time, or even the date of the party, make the necessary updates to the digital invitation, save them, and your friends will instantly have access to the updated information.


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Unlimited Space for Describing Your Party

Unlike traditional paper invitations, digital invitations offer you unlimited space to provide information about the party you're hosting. You can include details about dress code, schedule, theme, planned activities, menu, as well as parking instructions and the pet-friendly policy of the venue. All of this without being limited by the dimensions of a traditional invitation.

Creative and Interactive Design

Online party invitations allow you to experiment with design and add interactive elements. In addition to photos, you can include YouTube videos of the music to be played or the featured games, or links to relevant websites for the party. These features guarantee an interactive experience for participants, piquing their curiosity.

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Reduced Costs and Sustainability

Digital invitations help you significantly reduce the expenses of organizing a party. Since you handle them yourself, you don't need to pay for their creation, printing, and distribution. Bonus! You're also environmentally friendly by reducing paper consumption and the use of other resources needed for printing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Attendi?

Attendi is a powerful platform that helps you create digital invitations for any event. Whether it's a party, birthday, wedding, or baptism, Attendi provides you with a variety of templates that you can customize and share with your loved ones, saving you time and money.

How do I send an invitation created with Attendi?

First and foremost, make sure the invitation is active. At the end of creating an online party invitation, you'll receive a link. To send it out, ensure the invitation is active. Then, simply copy the link and distribute it to the people you want to have at your party. You can do this through a message, email, or any social media platform.

Can I create multiple invitations on Attendi?

Regardless of the type of subscription you have, you can create an unlimited number of invitations. There's only a restriction when it comes to the number of public invitations you can have at the same time. Specifically, with the 'Personal' subscription, you can have a single active invitation to distribute, while with the 'Premium' subscription, you can have up to 3 active invitations.

  • Complete Customization

  • Easy Sharing

  • Instant Confirmations

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